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Haunted Space Station

Having found hidden hyper space coordinates in a recovered nav computer, the PCs decide to investigate the area. That part of space turned out to be on the way from Kidron to Elrood near the large dust cloud called the Drift. Upon arriving, the PCs became aware of a distress signal coming from somewhere in the Drift.

The PCs navigate through the dust and asteroids of the Drift to find a large asteroid with a space station on it. Their sensors indicate no sentient life in the station. The only life present, the computer identifies as several morvaks. Morvaks are non-sentient creatures that live in a vacuum and eat rock.

By buzzing the control tower, Vek-Tor is able to flip a lever that lowers the landing pad into a hangar. The landing pad is replaced by a force field keeping in breathable air. Nimble attempted to land the ship through the force field onto the landing field and mostly succeeded. She scraped the ship through but managed to recover and prevent any permanent damage.

The hangar proved to be very profitable. The outside had a tractor beam to bring ships and cargo on to the space station. It’s controls were in the control tower. On the inside were tractor beam cranes that could be used to do repairs and modifications to a ship. In one nearby storeroom, a small container of bacta was found.

Keela attempted to open blast doors to the rest of the station. When she did, a force field appeared that kept out a dark cloud from the other side of the blast doors. Suddenly the field collapsed spill noxious gas into the hangar bay. The PCs scramble for their breath masks (some of which left them on the ship). The gas created a dim light and made the whole space station drenched in artificial darkness.

Undeterred, the PCs set off to find and repair the life support system of the station. During their search, they found dorm rooms that had the bunks discarded and the mattresses moved to piles in the middle of the room. Out of the darkness strange beings attacked the PCs with long wicked daggers. The beasts had the torso of humanoids from the planet Merisee and the body of the spider like morvaks. The animal like attacks of the creatures used acid and poison which weakened the PCs. Nevertheless the beasts, were dispatched.

Moving to the brig, the PCs found an area where the structural integrity was destroyed. A force field separated the two areas. The PCs could see the life support system on the other side of the force field. Continuing their search through the station, brought them to old offices of medical researchers. The researchers were attempting to lower the addictive quality of spice and death sticks. Their facilities on Merisee were attacked by assassins presumed to be paid by organized criminals. This space station was created to hide their research. The research so far was successful but for slight genetic mutations.

They next moved to the nearby lab where they surprised several morvaks. These creatures seemed to have been genetically altered since they had humanoid looking arms and hands. These morvaks also appeared to be more intelligent due to the apparent science experiments they were performing when the PCs entered.

The PCs asked CP-33 to begin to communicate with them. They proved skittish but no combat broke out. While CP-33 was conferring, the PCs found and removed two space suits to use in a vacuum. Keela and Mawr donned the suits and moved outside the space station to repair the life support system. While outside, the two spotted what looked to be a crashed shuttle on a nearby asteroid that was still spinning from the crash. Later investigations showed a half-morvak half-humanoid beast in the pilot seat.

The PCs fixed the life support system, and found a trapped skeleton nearby. It looked like someone in the brig attempted to escape but fouled up the life support system in the process. With the life support system fixed and the station repaired, the PCs set about to finish installations of their ships’ components.

The PCs also begin to plan their next move. Kel-Ra and Pinstripe wanted to fight back against the newly founded Empire. Mawr wished to search for his enslaved son who is rumored to be on Berea. Vek-Tor wanted to search the old Sith temple on Derilyn more. The martial law of Derilyn would dissuade most, but not the PCs. They resolved to try to find a way on Derilyn and then onto Barea to throw a wrench in the Empire here in the Elrood Sector.


When she hasn’t been installing systems on the Rogue Comet or repairing the base’s equipment, Keela has been locking herself in the engine room at night. The space station still gives her the creeps.

Haunted Space Station
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