Star Wars Fringe Heroes

Korad Scavenger Hunt

The PCs decide to repair the Space Factory’s main hyperdrive. To do so, they decide to try looking for parts on the trash planet of Korad. Sensors showed encrypted comlink traffic on the surface. The PCs begin a low flyover in order to find a hyperdrive large enough to propel their space station through hyperspace.

The PCs pick up a signal that advertises junk yard services from a company called Renew. They follow the signal to find a large building that’s mostly intact. The upper floors were hollowed out long ago, but the ground floor appeared stable. The PCs don their breathing masks and enter the building to find a droid receptionist still functional. The droid welcomes them to the corporate offices of Renew and asks how to help in their search for parts on Korad.

The droid directs to use their kiosk to find the parts they need and the prices Renew charges for their salvage. Keela looks at the Kiosk to find it’s screen broke. She instead attaches her datapad to the kiosk to act as its display. Searching the database, she finds a hyperdrive suitable for their needs. She then attempts to hack the system to list the part as paid by the PCs. Unfortunately, a security protocol is activated and security droids appear from doors opening around them. In addition, a lift lowers to reveal a war droid training its guns on the PCs.

The war droid begins to lay down a barrage of blaster fire. The security droids use stun batons against PCs when they spread out. Vek-Tor uses the Force to fling security droids at the war droid, while the others concentrate their fire on the war droid. The remnants of the security droids piled up at the feet of the war droid who eventually succumbs to the PCs blaster fire.

The PCs then move to the coordinates provided by the offices of Renew. They land and begin to search the junk piles and finally spot a large hyperdrive being used as a dais. It appears some altar has been affixed on top of it. Keela inspects the base and announces their search is over.

Before they can begin to move the piece of equipment, a procession of curious beings in space suits begins to approach from the corridors of trash. As the procession gets closer, the PCs notice the creatures are amorphous pseudo-pod people filling a roughly bipedal shape. Nimble identifies the creatures as Ugors. The processions continue until the PCs find themselves surrounded by a curious, trash loving village of Ugors.

The Ugors seem surprised and glad that the PCs have chosen to give offerings to the great trash heap in the sky at their temple. The PCs diplomatically tell them they would like to take their temple as their own. The Ugors are greatly dismayed by the prospect of losing their temple. To calm the fears of the crowd surrounding them, they offer to purchase or replace their temple.

One Ugor mentions their first choice for a temple was a derelict ship orbiting Korad called the Black Hole Trash Heap. Black Holes are considered sacred to Ugors. When the PCs ask why they did not use the ship as their temple, the Ugors inform them of the heavy droid security on the ship preventing them. The PCs offer to clear the droid marines and land the ship on the planet in return for the hyperdrive being used as the Ugor’s current temple. The Ugors agree.

The PCs take off in their ship and being inspecting the various debris surrounding Korad. Eventually they find a trash scow with a symbol of a black hole painted on it. They scan to find power still running through the ship. Their sensors show life support systems and inertial dampeners still working. They attach their ship to the scow and begin to board it.

The scow seems deserted at first. As they move toward the ship’s cockpit, they are ambushed by security droids and blaster turrets. The turrets fire down the corridor from top of the stairs at them. Security droids emerge from rooms behind the PCs. The droids used hidden holes in the rooms’ walls to get behind the PCs and fire at them from the bottom of the stairs.

Pinstripe and Mawrrookwa crouch in doorways to fire at the turrets. Nimble provides covering fire down the stairs while Kel-Ra and Keela close and lock the doors the droids were using as cover. Vek-Tor flings droids against each other until the turrets are destroyed. The PCs then finish off the droids on one side of the corridor before destroying the other side.

With the ship cleared, the PCs restore the ship’s engines and land it on Korad. They then lead the Ugors to their new temple. Finally, the load up their new capital ship hyperdrive on to their own ship.


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