Star Wars Fringe Heroes

Return Engagement

When the PCs awoke the next morning, CP-33 informed the group that Vek-Tor and Nimble had left in the middle of the night. They left word that they would return in the morning. As the morning dragged on, the others decided they couldn’t wait any longer and pressed on to the temple without them.

Their advance back towards the temple was interrupted by the sudden movement of a device launching from the earth up 2 meters before exploding. Searching the area revealed a minefield between them and the temple. Instead of trying to navigate the minefield, the PCs decided to modify their hover truck with spare hull plating they had left over from an earlier salvage. They then drove the slow moving armored vehicle over the mines suffering little damage except to the recently added burned out hull plating.

Having entered the temple safely, the PCs moved to the central lift up to the top of the ziggurat. Unfortunately for them, the lift began to go down not up. Then it sped up until they were free falling below the surface of Derilyn. Keela manned the control panel in an attempt to disconnect the lift from the temple’s network. Mawr and Pinstripe attempted to manually activate the brakes on the bottom of the lift. As the lift’s path moved from vertical to horizontal, the PCs could spot a dead end up ahead. Kel-Ra readied his jet pack in case of collision. Fortunately the PCs efforts at stopping came to a screeching halt after Keela directed the lift onto a different rail than the dead end.

Having full control of the lift, Keela directed it to the top most floor. It stopped at an office level on the second to top floor. This level looked to have been abandoned for longer than the lower levels. Little signs of battle could be seen. Searching the offices turned up a key (located in a safe) that would allow the PCs to advance to the top level. The top level of the ziggurat was a dark throne room with barely working computers lining the wall to the left of the PCs. The throne was occupied by a dark cloaked human with a lightsaber at his belt. Pinstripe recognized him as his jedi brother who was thought lost during the Clone Wars.

The angry jedi admonished the PCs, especially Pinstripe, for interfering with his plans. Before any of the PCs could respond, the jedi pushed a button on his throne which brought several droids to life amongst the rubble. Some of these droids looked to be modified and emitted damaging exhaust in the area around them. Others attacked the PCs directly. The jedi focused his angry attacks on Pinstripe. Pinstripe skirmished as much as he could (uncomfortable at moving and shooting) while one by one the droids were eliminated.

Pinstripe finally landed a direct shot on the dark jedi forcing him to retreat back to the throne. The jedi brought up a force field around the throne and then activated the escape protocol. The throne began to descend on a hidden lift rail. The PCs hoped to follow by descending on their own lift. As their lift descended to the underground mines below the temple, they could see the jedi’s lift running parallel to their own.

Keela sped up their lift in order to bring them closer. The others attempted to bring down the shields by shooting them down. Meanwhile the dark jedi appeared to be in a trance waiting for the shields to drop. Eventually the two lifts came to within twenty meters and the shields gave out. The jedi immediately responded by using the force to propel Mawr onto his lift and attacking the wookie with his red lightsaber. Mawr dropped his rifle and drew two vibroblades to battle him in hand to hand combat.

The jedi fought valiantly against the four PCs, deflecting vibro blades and blaster bolts at the same time. Eventually the jedi wore down and Mawr’s vibro blade pierced his defenses and threw the jedi off the lift at break neck speeds. The PCs looked up to see both lifts headed to the edge of a cliff. They quickly worked together to bring the lifts to a stop. Pinstripe quickly doubled back to be sure his brother was dead. He personally put a blaster shot into the jedi’s face to be sure. Afterwards, Pinstripe collected the jedi’s red lightsaber and the PCs returned to the surface.


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