Star Wars Fringe Heroes

The Elrood Conspiracy Part 1

The PCs successfully reunite Lura Zal with her father Davron Zal at his large estate in Elrood. Davron throws a feast to celebrate his daughter’s return and lavish praises on the PCs. He also secretly confides to them (out of earshot of his family) that he believes a conspiracy has arisen against him and Radell Mining Corporation (RMC). He asks the PCs to investigate this since he believes members of his work force and perhaps inner circle are traitors. Davron says he can trust the PCs since they are outsiders and have already proven capable. He also offers a substantial reward for their help.

The PCs agree to the challenge and start investigating. Nooki is assigned to help as their local contact and has healed up nicely from his crash landing. The PCs first look into the background of Nos Kath, the only known traitor. Not much is known about Nos other than he was a mercenary. Nooki suspects someone paid him to betray their expedition but does not know who that is.

The PCs then ask who knew about the kidnapping and the expedition to retrieve Lura. Nooki replies only the highest levels knew about it. The only ones who had to know were the board members and perhaps someone in accounting who cleared the money for the kidnappers. The PCs then start to search the employee database of RMC to find out who could have known.

Eventually the PCs settle on Tey Haako. Tey is a Neimoidian in charge of mining contracts. He has access to financial data and seems to be living beyond his means. The PCs confront Tey and he denies any wrong doing. He claims incompetence in all matters financial. His says his job is more of a salesman to the Empire trying to get Imperial mining contracts for RMC. His secretary, Nora Lo does all the financial documents. Unconvinced, the PCs confiscate his data pad and order guards to hold him under house arrest.

Keela tries to look through the data pad but finds part of it encrypted. Nooki suggests they stop by the Elrood Bazaar for tools to break the encryption. The PCs agree that now would be a good time to shop and spend some of their hard earned money. Nooki arranges a private airspeeder to chauffeur them through the Bazaar.

While shopping Nooki suddenly cries out and starts shouting, “It’s him! He’s here!” The PCs look but whoever it was is big and runs back into the crowd. Nooki quickly explains that he saw the traitor Nos Kath right here on Elrood. The PCs quickly give chase. Nos frantically tries to escape crashing through shop and shopper alike to get away. He eventually wanders into traffic, causing several wrecks and almost getting everyone killed including himself. Eventually the PCs corner him in a parking garage and force him to surrender.


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