Star Wars Fringe Heroes

The Elrood Conspiracy Part 2

The PCs have captured the traitor Nos Kath and begin interrogating him. After some intimidation, he finally shares what he knows. He was hired by human woman to sabotage the rescue attempt. He doesn’t know her name but could pick her out of a lineup. He spent all of his stolen money but was promised more. He never got the other payment since the woman was not satisfied with the results. She said if he wanted the rest of his money he would have to come to Elrood and help her finish the job, whatever that was. He was on his way to meet her when he ran into the PCs.

The PCs determine that their next course of action is to have Nos meet her and then capture the mastermind. They quickly make disguises and infiltrate the meeting point, a bar named the Pit, before Nos arrives. The Pit is mostly a bar but trading in lowered section in the middle happens daily. The crowded area makes for an ideal spot to meet without anyone noticing. Each PC grabs a table around the Pit to prevent Nos or his contact from escaping. RMC guards have orders to shoot Nos if he tries to leave without the PCs once he enters.

Once Nos is in the Pit, he is approached by a figure in a dark cloak. He says something and the figure moves quickly towards the door. Vek-Tor senses Nos has betrayed them and approaches the figure. Once the figure sees Vek-Tor, the figure throws back her cloak to reveal a human woman and lets loose a whistle. Several Trandoshans spread around the room quickly pull blasters and begin shooting at Vek-Tor. The PCs return fire while Vek-Tor attempts to prevent the woman from leaving. He finds his connection to the force temporarily negated by the woman.

While Pinstripe and Mawrrookwa pin down the Trandoshans, Keela, Nimble, and Kel-Ra help Vek-Tor catch the woman. The woman keeps negating Vek-Tor’s force powers but doing so gives the others time to box her into an alley. Surrounded, she eventually drops unconscious as Vek-Tor is finally able to use the force to knock her out. With the Trandoshans killed, they gathered around the mysterious woman to unmask the conspiracy.

Vek-Tor engaged in a test of wills with the dark jedi and eventually won her over. The woman turns out to be Nora Lo and admits to being a spy for Loshak. He is searching for the planet Halbarra which is the major source of revenue for RMC. While Loshak wasn’t behind the kidnapping of Lura Zal, he did pay Nos Kath to betray his mission. She also reveals that she convinced Tey Haako to give up RMC trade secrets that allowed Loshak controlled Imperial Mining Limited (IML) to win several contracts away from RMC. The PCs then report back to Davron Zal and collect their reward.


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