Star Wars Fringe Heroes

The Great Bag Man in the Sky

As the PCs readied themselves to leave Korad, they noticed a blast in the sky. Looking up they saw a ship crashing. The PCs quickly gathered into their ship to help any survivors and lay claim to any salvage. The PCs search the ship and discover two human survivors, one male and one female. The female is unconscious and CP-33 proves unable to awaken her. The male, though badly injured, is still able to talk.

He says his name is Nooki and his companion’s name is Vera. They were sent here to Korad to negotiate the safe release of a kidnapped girl. Unfortunately one of his shipmates, a Dashade named Nos Kath, betrayed them suddenly and left via an escape pod before a bomb in the ship went off. He asks the PCs to continue his mission and rescue the kidnapped girl.

The PCs search the ship’s hold to find a crate full of Imperial credits. Nooki tells them that half is missing and probably stolen by Nos Kath. The escape pod wasn’t big enough for both crates so he had to abandon one. The PCs tell Nooki they will negotiate the girls release with the remaining funds. Secretly the PCs plan to kill the kidnappers while rescuing the girl and then keep the credits for themselves. When the PCs leave with the crate, Nooki, and Vera they see Ugors surrounding the ship as they leave.

The fight with the kidnappers was brief but intense. All the kidnappers were Trandoshans and all but one died. Mawrrookwa was against taking him captive, but Vek-Tor convinced him and the others to spare his life. They found the kidnapped human girl, partially buried and sedated. They revived her and were relieved that she spent most of her ordeal sedated remembering little. She tells them her name is Lura Zal and she’s 8 years old. The PCs promise to return her to her family on Elrood.


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