Star Wars Fringe Heroes

A Ship of Our Own

After recovering data from a downed ship, the PCs are visited by an Orifite Shaman, a religious leader of the local indigenous population called Orifites. He demands the data pad the PCs used to copy the ship’s log files. After much haggling, the shaman agrees to show the PCs to an abandoned ship in the jungle in exchange for the data pad not knowing they had made a copy already. After the deal is struck, the shaman leaves his nephew, Riptahk and heir as a friendly hostage for collateral.

After Nimble slips some spice into his tea, the party goes over the data to find anything of value. They determine that the ship was looking at Kidron’s two moons for ore and found large deposits of Chanlon and Phrik. Before the ship could send this data back to its parent mining company, they were attacked and shot down by a Corellian Corvette. The PCs quickly surmise that the existence of such knowledge would bring many a mining company to this remote planet and possibly destroy or enslave the Orifite people. They also ask around and find out that the primitive Orifites have a small mercenary navy that includes at least one Corellian Corvette.

In the course of asking around, the party sees a power vacuum forming after their destruction of the Green Rancors. The free city of Refuge existed in a power sharing structure whereby four swoop gangs (Green Rancors, Red Jawas, White Shyracks, and Blue Yu’tals) each claimed a portion of the city and “taxed” those citizens for protection. Vek-Tor learns that the Red Jawas had already begun to muscle in on the territory of the Green Rancors after their demise at the hands of the PCs. The PCs decide to start their own gang and send a message to the other gangs to back off.

They decide a raid of the Red Jawas bike garage is the best way to do this. They also start spreading the word of their intentions using Leshat’s connections. The raid goes extremely well, and they even manage to convince captured gang members to join their gang. They also hire more help from Leshat and set up Riptahk as a captain in their organization.

The next day, Orifite scouts lead the PCs to swampy part of Kidron’s jungle. Their scouts tell them the area they are going to is haunted. Many of their brave warriors have attempted to kill the demon that lives there. All have either died or come back possessed. Those possessed attack their former friends and family until they are killed themselves.

After their scouts drop them off at the haunted swamp island, they continue through on skiffs. They come to a clearing where a vine covered YT-1250 sits in a clearing. The ship had long ago been cannibalized for parts but enough of the ship was intact to fly in the atmosphere despite the holes in the hull. They PCs, led by Keela begin the process of repairing the vessel enough to fly it back to their secret warehouse.

Vek-Tor senses the dark side of the force all around him. Mawr uses his sensors to see hunting beasts circling the clearing. They warn the others just before the dark side beasts attack. A swarm of flying creatures assault the PCs in the broken down ship and fierce hunting dogs assail the PCs on the ground. Eventually a nighthunter emerges and engages Vek-Tor directly. The Nighthunter absorbs the blaster attacks from Pinstripe and surges to engage Vek-Tor.

The fight is intense but lasts briefly. The beasts are killed or driven off yet the feeling of darkness remains. After the repairs are finished, Vek-Tor finds a nearby cave that he says is the source of darkness. Despite Kel-Ra’s advice, the party advances into the cave. Inside appears to be home of an individual humanoid. They find hoses with trace amounts of liquid that radiates the dark side of the force, empty kennels, and a blood soaked laboratory.

Finally, they enter a cavern where a man with hoses in his body is standing beside a nighthunter. He welcomes the PCs in as his next experiment before using force lightning on Mawr. The nighthunter charges Vek-Tor and Pinstrip. While Nimble tries to help Mawr recover, Vek-Tor blasts the two with Force Slam and the Sith disarms Mawr. Keela, Kel-Ra, and Pinstripe blast the Nighthound attempting to wear it down despite it’s resistance to energy. Vek-Tor surges toward the Sith and engages him a duel, Sith blade versus lightsaber.

Mawr pulls his bowcaster out and mortally wounds the Nighthound. Vek-Tors lightsaber scores a hit on the Sith. Then the Sith activates gas dispensers in the ceiling filling the room with a Sith poison nerve agent that attacks the PC’s soul while granting the Sith the time to heal himself without being seen in the obscuring cloud. Vek-Tor uses the force to sense the Sith before he can leave. When the gas clears, the Nighthound is dead and Vek-Tor is blocking the Sith from escaping. Mawr draws two vibrodaggers and rages toward the Sith, flanking him with Vek-Tor. The others in the group concentrate their attacks on the Sith weakening him enough so that Vek-Tor can finish him with his lightsaber. The poison seemed to work on Vek-Tor forcing him to call on the Dark Side of the force to kill the Sith. The now lifeless body decomposes into a gas that dissipates throughout the cave.

The PCs return to the repaired ship and begin the arduous task of flying it. It wobbles along the tree line as Nimble carefully guides it toward their warehouse. Engine failure, power failure, and a scrape along the tree tops endanger the flight but not fatally so. After 2 minutes of stress, the ship is safely in the warehouse and the heroes return to Refuge with a ship of their own. It still requires a large amount of work to make it space worthy, but they are determined to make it happen.

Laying Low in Refuge

Our heroes arrived on the planet of Kidron to lay low from the Empire and jedi hunters. They booked rooms at the Kidron Hotel in the High City of Refuge and then looked for work at Leshat’s Sabbaac House across the street. While gambling and ogling the prostitues being pimped by Madame Lipsuk, they learned of an opening for a bodyguard by someone named Dirty Hal. They also soon learned that he had a liquidity problem causing him to default on loans. Undaunted he offers to pay the PCs in trade from his chop shop/junkyard. The PCs decide they want to build their own ship and agree to the arrangement.

They soon find out that Dirty Hal has other problems. A local Swoop Gang called the Green Rancors is pressuring Dirty Hal into selling his shop. Hal’s not sure why, but this gang is pushing hard which is why he hired the PCs. While Hal was showing the group his shop, his computer informs him that a ship has crash landed on Kidron just outside of Refuge.

Hal and the PCs decide to check for survivors and exercise their right to salvage a downed ship. They all pile in Hal’s modified A-A5 speeder truck. The truck has been modified with a small crane on the back (which can lift 15 tons of large size or smaller). Hal also equips everyone with breath masks due to Kidron’s Type II atmosphere.

Upon arriving on the crash scene, the PCs notice several dead bodies of the local species, Orifite, who appeared to have been shot to death by the contingent of Green Rancors. The contingent has a defensive position set up with one of their member setting charges to the down space craft. A fire fight ensues and the gang members are defeated.

Afterwards, Hal begins to remove the hyperdrive of the ship while the PCs look for survivors. Unfortunately none are found and the salvage operation begins. More Orifites show up on the scene and accost Keela when she downloads the ship’s logs onto her datapad. The other PCs smack down the small creatures and then question their motives. They are told that the Orifites have orders from the sakh (tribe) leader to destroy the ship’s computer but are not given a reason why. The PCs ask the Orifites to set up a meeting with their leader and they agree.

Dirty Hal then shares a secret with his bodyguards. He has a secret warehouse in the jungle and he wishes to take the recovered hyperdrive there. The PCs agree to accompany him if he’ll take the captured swoop bikes with them. They load up the bikes in the back of the truck, while others pilot a few in a convoy.

On the way to the warehouse, two waves of swoop bikes attack. The PCs engage in a running battle and successfully down the first wave, but are forced to stop. When the second one attacks, the PCs pick them off while on the ground.

When they all get to the secret warehouse, Dirty Hal finally levels with the PCs. He tells them his plan is to leave the system and his plan to build a ship was waiting for the last component, a hyperdrive. Now that he has one he needs the PCs help to install it on his modified Z-95 headhunter. He offers to legally transfer his entire estate on Kidron to the PCs if they help him finish his ship. They agree and make use of the secret warehouse’s ship building facilities to quickly complete the installation.

During the installation, the PCs discover two things. First is that Hal has a small fortune in credit chips loaded on his ship. The other is a broken down astromech droid with a diary from a Rodian named Norebo. Hal had mentioned previously that Norebo was the one who previously owned the warehouse and the shop before he mysteriously disappeared. The diary mentions something hidden in his shop and gives the coordinate to its location. The PCs resolve to find it when they are done and the legal owners of the supposed treasure.

After Dirty Hal takes off, but before the PCs can leave, they notice a small army of swoop bike gansters outside. These gangsters have laid siege to the warehouse but have not attempted to enter so as not to activate the security turrets not knowing the turrets have been deactivated.

Without bothering to negotiate, the PCs attack first. They plug the wide doorway with the speeder truck while the jedi Vek-Tor advances. Noting that the turrets fail to shoot Vek-Tor, the swoop bike gangsters shoot first behind the speeders and then mount up to enter the warehouse. Their leader manages to squeeze in and begins to shoot the party from inside the warehouse. Other gang members throw grenades inside. Despite the harrowing fire fight against the swoop gang, eventually all the gang members die and the PCs are victorious.

They return to Dirty Hal’s old shop, now that they own it and search for the hidden treasure. Underneath the largest piles of junk, they find a secret vault with blaster turrets. They deactivate the turrets and disable the locking mechanism to find a foot locker containing one datapad. This datapad is a NOC list for Republic spies 20 years ago.

Ambush in whore alley

Boss Kaggle approaches the PCs to help give out dinner to the poor for a feast on Lanthrym the next day and the PCs agree. The night before, the PCs are taking in a night of revelry and are tempted by various ladies of the night in an alley. Their pimp is a Gamorrean with a droid assistant CP-33.

While negotiating a price, Stormtroopers attack from one end of the alley. The PCs fire back while the whores take cover and the pimps locked themselves in a nearby doorway. The PCs return fire and break down the door to the pimps. Meanwhile, another Stormtrooper squad block the other end of the alley.

The PCs, suspecting that they were sold out by the Gamorrean, blast him and question CP-33. They learn of an entrance to the sewer just past the first group of stormtroopers. The PCs grenade the Stormtroopers and charge into them, with the Jedi igniting his lightsaber.

They finish off the first squad and make their way into the sewers with CP-33 in tow. They conduct a running battle in the sewers and pick off the stormtroopers one by one before reinforcements on scout bikes come on the scene. The PCs move deeper into the sewers and lose the Imperial troops.

They emerge from the sewers out of a natural cave only to be attacked by a charging reek. The charging beast misses a dodging PC twice and gets blasted while trying to escape.

The next day, the PCs return to help pass out food for the local feast when they are attacked by snipers and a dark jedi with an assassin droid. The PCs survive the attack barely and decide to leave the planet.

Boss Kaggle hires the PCs to transport some goods off planet. Unfortunately, the Empire has blockaded the planet. The PCs fail to avoid inspection or to bribe the overly suspicious official. They are forced to jump to hyperspace after taking fire from a Lambda shuttle.

Meet the new Boss

The heroes are now outlaws and being hunted by clone troops on the planet of Derilyn. News of the new Imperial order declared by Palpatine has reached the freedom loving populace of Derilyn and they are not happy. Riots break out and the clones move to suppress the violent civilians. This allows our heroes to escape notice and travel to the out of the way planet of Lanthrym.

Here Boss Kaggle hires them to rob a pharmacy that is over charging for an expensive cure to an outbreak on the planet. He intends to sell the stolen medicine at a much lower price to those who need it most, instead of only the rich as it is now. Our heroes agree and successfully break in and abscond with the goods.

They don’t trust the benign looking crime lord and insist on making sure the medicine really is going to the poor. Boss Kaggle agrees and keeps them on retainer for future jobs.

Order 66 at the Temple

The Galactic Civil War is raging and the war has come to Derilyn of the Elrood Sector. The Jedi general in charge of the Republic forces, Master Ledite hires the PCs on a mission to explore part of an old ziggurat thought to be an ancient Sith Temple. However, the droid army is currently using it as a stronghold. The clone army has cleared the lower levels and the PCs are able to sneak in and investigate the catacombs below. Master Ledite sends his padawan, Maxim Pinstripe, to over see the expedition.

The newly formed exploratory team dodges artillery fire and sets down with clone reinforcements. Unfortunately, the droid army is pushing back from the upper levels and the PCs must fight off the droids before entering the catacombs. Once below, they find a Sith Holocron. A projection of the Sith Lord Rageus appears offering to give the “pilgrims” the power they seek if they will pass the tests he’s laid out before them.

The fighting above intensifies and then grows strangely quiet. Ledite’s padawan falls to his knees and cries out that Ledite can no longer be sensed by the force. Before the PCs can go back to investigate, they are attacked by their former allies, the clone troopers, and are forced deeper into the catacombs.

The two tests are side passages with “Fear” and “Aggression” above their respective entrances. The team enters the “Aggression” doorway and emerges in what appears to be a snow blasted landscape. The holo of the Sith Lord appears and tells them, they are being hunted. In order to pass the test, they must become the hunters.

Their Jedi companion searches out for the beast with the force and locates him behind a snow bank waiting in ambush. The Jedi confronts it but is knocked to the ground by the beast, a Wampa. Waving his lightsaber wildly, the beast is forced to retreat, giving the Jedi’s friends the opportunity to blast it from afar. With the Wampa vanquished, the holographic snow disappears and the catacombs return.

They then journey to the “Fear” doorway. The sound of the barricaded doorway keeping the clones out slowly breaking down drives them to hurry. Each one is shown his worst fear until he lashes out at it in aggression. After each holographic fear is destroyed, a third doorway is revealed leading to a tomb.

As the heroes move to the now open door, the clone troops blast in and start shooting. The PCs blast back and run through the doorway as it begins to close and locks the clones out and the PCs in. Through the door, they can hear the holo Sith Lord tell the clones about the two tests they just passed. They now know that once the clone troopers pass them as well, the door will open again.

Inside the chamber is a tomb of a long dead Sith Lord Rageus. Sitting on the sarcophagus is another Holocron. A holo of the Sith Lord appears and tells the heroes, he’s pleased of their potential. He then reveals that the other holocron is a fake and offers the real one on his tomb as a reward.

Once the Jedi takes it from atop the sarcophagus, the door is blasted open by the impatient clones. The clones apparently decided to blast the door down instead of passing the tests. Blaster fire is exchanged as the heroes take cover behind the tomb, but have nowhere else to go. However, the temple reacts violently from having its inner sanctum breached. An earthquake rattles through the temple, crushing the tomb and caving in the clones. It also opens a passage deeper into the mountains.

The PCs go spelunking and eventually leave the caves and come out into the open. Unfortunately, the exit is in the middle of the clone army refueling station. The heroes, steel a gunship and begin flying away into a mountain canyon, pursued by other gunships scrambled to shoot them down.

After some fancy flying, the PCs manage to position themselves behind the other gunships. The Jedi hero then contacts the other gunships on the comm and uses the force to convince them, he is an officer. He then orders them to split up and find the lost gunship, and allowing them to escape.


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