Coyn is a mostly forested planet with large cities located throughout the planet. The indigenous natives are a humanoid race with large facial protrusions. Their society is mostly a king based feudal society with a rigid honor system. Despite the strict traditions, a sizable middle class has arisen thanks to the Empire’s presence and the Coynite ability to produce high quality weaponry.

In the Coynite past, the warring clans began to use biological weapons on each other. This devastated the population. Toral, chief of the largest clan, saw the Coynites were headed towards extinction. He began a series of reforms with his allies and succeeded in banishing all biological weapons.

He also instituted an honor system and a code of laws for the warrior society that still exists to this day. One of the taboos of this system is the prohibition against touching. Another is the prohibition of showing mercy in combat and the requirement that an unsheathed or drawn weapon must be used.

Any honor offense is a loss of honor that can only be remedied by a duel (usually to first blood or to the death) using their advanced swords which all warriors carry. Those Coynites that have lost their honor are called af’harl. The af’harl are no longer considered Coynites and can not own property. They no longer have any rights or meaning in Coynite civilization.

The Sith Lord, Darth Rageus, was a Coynite. He ruled the Elrood sector sometime in the distant past.


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