The planet Elrood is the third planet in the Elrood system and the capital of the Elrood Sector. It is a major manufacturing hub of the sector and many, many ships are leaving entering the system at all times. Due to the large amount of traffic, automated landing is required. Manual landing is a fine of 300 credits.

Each visitor is scanned for diseases and immunized. In addition, a chip is inserted under a visitor’s skin in the back of their hand. Each law enforcement agent has a scanner that identifies the chip with the individual.

The capital of Elrood is the city of Elrooden. Elrooden is a bustling metropolis with a large system of mass transits. Elrooden is also the home of Radell Mining Corporation which has its headquarters in the city. The large needle shaped building is the largest building in the city and Radell dominates physically and metaphorically over the planet.

The Elrood Bazaar is located in Elrooden and is the largest market in the sector. The Bazaar contains large amounts of shops of varying levels of price as well as the Elrooden Stock Exchange. The Bazaar is open day and night year round.


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