This jungle planet is populated by an indigenous species called the Orifites. They have a very libertarian society and when they first were contacted by the outside world, they allowed outsiders to settle on their planet. These outsiders, called the Original Four by the Orifites, setup the city of Refuge. The air is so thin on Kidron it requires a breathing mask outside the climate controlled bubble of Refuge.

Kidon’s major export is meat from the indiginous herbivore species called gril. This export has allowed the primitive looking Orifites to hire a mercenary navy (consisting of at least one Corellian Corvette) to protect their interests in the system. They are especially protective of any mining vessel investigating Kidron’s moons. Both contain large deposits of Chanlon and Phrik. If a mining company found out about it, the peaceful existence of Kidron would be shattered. The PCs know of this secret (although the Orifites themselves don’t know the PCs know) and have decided to keep it secret as well.

The city of Refuge is a frontier town with few laws. The citizens mostly police themselves with the aid of local swoop bike gangs. These gangs have their own territory. The residents in their territory pay a small percentage for protection. The most corrupt gang, the Green Rancors, was destroyed and replaced by a gang loyal to the PCs. The new leader is Riptahk.

Notable NPCs the PCs met on Kidron but are no longer there

  • Dirty Hal – recently left Kidron without paying his debts
  • Morthane – dark jedi with extensive alchemical knowledge
  • Madame Lipsuk – recently kidnapped by Morthane

Notable NPCs still living on Kidron


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