Madame Lipsuk

Lipsuk is a fashionably dressed Devaronian that looks at men as prospective clients and nothing more. This madame used to run the prostitution part of Leshat’s Sabacc Parlor before being kidnapped by the dark jedi Morthane.

When she was a madame she tried to set everyone of the visitors up with one of her girls (and some boys). If someone turned her down, she continued to try with a different girl, each one more outlandish than the previous.

Lipsuk had many secrets that finally caught up with her. Unknown to most, she was much older than she looked. She was one of the Original Four along with the human Morthane, the Rodian Norebo, and the Bothan Milliquist to found the city of Refuge after making first contact with the Orifites on Kidron.

Morthane was a devoted alchemist and had many ointments to extend the life and youth of humans. He not only used it on himself, but allowed Lipsuk to use them to extend her life and maintain a youthful beauty. The Original Four eventually had a falling out and retired to different parts of Refuge without speaking to each other. They each began to disappear one by one, until only Lipsuk remained. Worried that someone secret was out to get them, Lipsuk went into business with Leshat in order to benefit from the protection of his guards.

One day she saw Norebo attacking the PCs and ultimately dying at their hands. Norebo had several tubes protruding from his skin like Morthane used to have. The PCs eventually confronted her about her past and she shared knowledge of Morthane’s ability to possess other sentient creatures using his alchemy and the Force.

Fearing that Morthane was after her, she secluded herself away in the Lashat’s Sabacc Parlor. She gave the PCs directions to a secret lab that Morthane used and hoped they would kill him before he got to her. Unfortunately for Lipsuk, Morthane kidnapped her instead of confronting the PCs. He took her off planet somewhere and no one knows if she is alive or dead.

Madame Lipsuk

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