This world is known as the breadbasket of the Elrood Sector. It is populated by two different species, the Meris and the Teltiors. They were ancient foes for most of their history. Finally a war ravaged planet could not support the two species for long. These dire situations forced the two peoples to agree to a peace that has lasted since. Both species had dedicated themselves to advanced medical techniques in the war.

The Old Republic discovered the system and Merisee quickly joined. The Old Republic aided the people by supplying decon droids to repair their environment. This cooperation saved millions and allow the people to live in peace.

A few warlike members of both the Meris and the Teltiors refused to live in peace. They retreated to the mountains. The hatred they each had for each other was overcome by hatred of the new peaceful order. The two groups merged into a secret cult called the Loag. This secret cult of assassins became a powerful mercenary force in the sector. They were also famous for the distinctive knives.

Eventually the Loag grew overconfident and tried to stage a coup against the local government. Fortunately for the Old Republic, several Jedi were on planet at the time of the coup attempt and managed to thwart the Loag. They then set about hunting down the secretive order. The Loag were completely destroyed and have not been heard since. Until the PCs found a Loag knife in a haunted space station near the Drift that is.


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