Morthane used to be a human jedi that left the order to pursue his love of Sith alchemy. He used his knowledge to discover rare herbs with the ability to extend his lifespan. He also experimented on himself to give him greater strength and endurance. These experiments leave his body looking very unnatural with tubes protruding from his skin and odd ridges along his bones.

Morthane joined an adventuring group of mercenaries that eventually discovered the Orifites on Kidron. This group was known to the Orifites as the Original Four. The group eventually had a falling out and Morthane retired to his secret labs in the jungles of Kidron to continue his research.

His power in the dark side of the Force grew over the years as well as his knowledge of alchemy. He had always given his former allies ointments meant to extend their lives, and now he had discovered a way to possess any living creature that used the ointments extensively. He attempted further experimentation on his former mechanic Norebo when he came to visit. Norebo’s ship was parked outside Morthane’s cave for over a decade. He later kidnaps Milliquist to perform similar experiments.

Subsequent generations of Orifites no longer knew of his role in the Original Four and began to grow increasingly uneasy about his experiments on animals. Many young Orifites sought to prove their worth by ridding the jungle of his corrupting presence. They would journey into the swamp caves that were corrupted by the dark side of the Force in an attempt to kill what they called “The Demon”. All would fail and Morthane delighted in making abominations from their bodies and sending them back to attack their homes.

The Orifites eventually hire the PCs to rid their jungle of Morthane and offer Norebo’s old ship as reward. The PCs successfully kill him even after he manages to poison Vek-Tor with Sith Poison. His spirit travels to his secret lab and possess the mummified body of Norebo. Angry at the PCs and his own carelessness, he seeks revenge on the PCs in Refuge. They cut him down again forcing Morthane to inhabit Milliquist’s body instead.

Fearful of his renewed sense of mortality, Morthane swallows his pride and begins preparations to leave Kidron and make a new hideout on another planet. Before he leaves, he decides to kidnap Madame Lipsuk to ensure that he has one more life in case he manages to die again. He knows the PCs will soon find his secret lab, so he arranges to have a Chrysalis Nighthunter waiting for them and leaves them a taunting message in case they defeat it. His whereabouts are unknown.


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