The Republic is dead and buried. All that’s left is the smoldering remnants of the Separatists and fewer and fewer Jedi. The Empire is moving in on the Elrood Sector where our heroes are just trying to get out of the way. Can they avoid the Jedi hunters? Can they get along with Boss Kaggle or is the harmless looking crime lord setting them up for a fall?

  1. My campaign uses the latest errata (8/2008 as of this writing) found here.
  2. Characters use the point buy method for abilities with 28 points instead of 25. Droid PCs start with 24 points instead of 21.
  3. Hit points after level one are half the max die value plus 1.
  4. The skills Climb, Jump, and Swim are combined into Athletics (Str) and its a class skill for the classes Jedi, Scout, and Soldier.
  5. Ride is rolled into Acrobatics (Dex).
  6. All starting characters, regardless of level, get max credits for their first level class’ starting credits.
  7. The feat Skill Focus gives a +3 for levels 1-7, a +5 for levels 8-14, and a +7 for levels 15 and up.
  8. Movement along the diagonal cost 1 square of movement.
  9. Area effects (for instance force slam or grenades) make one damage roll for all opponents but one attack for each target in the area. Attacks that miss against targets with cover do no damage instead of half damage.
  10. Any character that selects the Force Training feat, may also select a Force Regimen (JATM page 10). A character can have as many Force Regimens as he has Force Training feats, but the character will still only benefit from one regimen a day.
  11. Instead of having one second wind per day, every heroic character can catch a second wind a number of times per day equal to 1 + [class bonus to Fortitude Defense] + [Constitution modifier], with a minimum of 1. Extra Second Wind instead lets you take an additional second wind during the same encounter. The Tough as Nails talent only gives you two extra second winds.
  12. Characters gain the benefits of one medpac per encounter. The amount healed is a surge value at DC 15, surge value +2 at DC 20, surge value +4 at DC 25 etc.
  13. Vital Transfer is changed to the following results. The Jedi must spend a second wind to use this power. The Jedi loses the second wind no matter the result. DC 15: Your ally gains hit points equal to his second wind as if he spent a second wind. DC 20: As DC 15 except your ally gains an additional 5 hit points DC 25: As DC 15 except your ally gains an additional 10 hit points
  14. Vehicles cannot be moved down the Condition Track by attacks from character scale weapons (though they still take damage). Character scale Heavy Weapons are the exception and can affect the condition track of a vehicle if the vehicle’s damage multiplier is x2. All weapons that attack with a multiplier (i.e. x2 or x5) can still move a vehicle down the Condition Track of the same multiplier or less. For example, a capital ship with a damage multiplier of x5 can affect the CT of a vehicle with a x2 damage multiplier but not the other way around.
  15. Critical hits don’t do double damage. Instead the damage is maxed and the character adds the amount to additional die rolls based on level (see table below).
Character LevelCrit dice roll
15th or higher3d6

Star Wars Fringe Heroes

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