Star Wars Fringe Heroes

Capital Withrdrawal

The PCs newest ally, Grakkata, shares a story of a Banking Clan frigate that was recently captured by the Empire. The capital ship is scheduled to be scuttled in a few days when it arrives at the dry dock of Torina. The PCs decide this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. They begin their planning and make for the dry dock located on the moon base of Tietee.

Grakkata piloted the Beggar’s Paradise posing as a merchant purchasing scrap metal. The other PCs followed in her wake so they wouldn’t be detected. When they approached the moon dock, they could see the capital ship being lowered into a metal canyon where disintegration rays were being readied to break up the ship. Grakkata began a strafing run to disable the rays while the PCs landed and began to advance down the canyon towards the frigate. After the other PCs had exited their ship, Pinstripe took off to lend Grakkata a hand. Patrolling Lamda class shuttles began to descend and a dog fight began. One Lamda passed over the PCs on the ground and dropped off several pods which landed at the top of the canyon. War droids and sniper droidekas emerged to attack the PC.

Vek-Tor used the force to arrange space junk as a small wall for cover. Kel-Ra provided covering fire while Keela began powering the ship back on. Pinstripe and Grakkata managed to down one Lamda shuttle before more arrived. Outnumbered, they led the shuttles away and began calculating their hyperspace jumps. Mawrrookwa and Nimble found the controls that powered the clamps that kept the ship in the canyon and disabled them.

Keela then successfully powered the engines and launched the frigate. The Lamda shuttles began firing on the capital ship and damaging it. The damage wasn’t enough to prevent the PCs from getting clear space and jumping to hyperspace.

Once they had returned to their hidden base, they began repairs. Soon they would have enough droid fighters and droid soldiers along with their new flagship to begin their rebellion in the Elrood Sector. The Empire wouldn’t know what hit them.


DerekSTheRed DerekSTheRed

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