Star Wars Fringe Heroes

Derilyn Gun Runners

The PCs enter enter the Derilyn system and are met with a heavily blockaded planet. Tie interceptors escort their ship to the planet of Derilyn after a quick search (and bribe) by an Imperial customs agent before landing in the spaceport at the city of Tekar. The planet side is under martial law and small flying camera droids move to capture every action on video. The PCs load up their truck and head to the city of Derilysa to sell their illegal weapons.

During the negotiations for guns (which were smuggled into the town in vats of cooking oil) the PCs notice their buyers have guns trained on them. They had to leave their guns behind to avoid notice by Imperials at checkpoints. After a bit of haggling with the insurgent leader Jan, the deal went down smoothly and profitably for the PCs and their sponsor Boss Kaggle.

Their underground contact, Jan, gets a call and learns that an overeager cell has planted a bomb in a the building owned by the Imperial Mining, Ltd. (IML). The cell’s hope is to assassinate many of the leaders responsible for sending Derilynites to the mines of Berea. Jan is worried that the bomb will hurt civilians and turn the public against the upstart rebels on the planet. He asks the PCs to sneak into the building over night and deactivate the bomb despite the curfew.

The PCs agree and start out above ground trying to dodge camera droids before traveling the rest of the way in the underground water system. While underground they are attacked by older Separatist droids, still patrolling for their now dead masters. They quickly blast them to bits and continue on to the water filtration building.

They emerge from underground across the street from the large and expansive IML skyscraper. They scurry across the street and see through the glass doors of their target building, one guard sleeping at his desk. Keela attempts to pick the lock and fails, setting off alarm bells. Mawr busts through the glass door and Pinstripe rushes to stun the suddenly awake guard.

The group quickly moves to the safe room behind the guard’s desk to locate and deactivate the bomb. Keela opens the door to the large safe to find rows of safety deposit boxes and a ticking foot locker. As Keela disabled the bomb in the foot locker, the rest of the crew forced open the safety deposit boxes only to find them empty, the keys to each one were located in a nearby waste basket.

The group quickly tried to leave the way they came. Unfortunately their alarm had drawn a patrol of Stormtroopers to investigate. The PCs drew blasters they borrowed from their smuggled goods and opened fire on the Imperials. The brief firefight was almost over when an ATST arrived to reinforce the Stormtroopers.

After cutting down the Stormtroopers, the PCs head back through the water treatment plant. The city is on high alert and when they emerge above ground, they are chased by camera droids seeking to identify them. During the running battle, the shoot down each one while attempting to hide their identity. After the droids are destroyed, the rebels allow them to enter their hideout again. They still don’t know if they got away or if their new fake identities are now just as wanted as their real identities.


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