Star Wars Fringe Heroes

Interdict This!

The PCs begin to plunder the temple and decide to use the mining droids to load their ship with precious metals. They also decide to leave behind mines for what they assume will be Imperial search teams to come later.

Mawr’s recently heard rumors that his missing son has been sent to the mines of nearby Berea. Mawr and the PCs attempt to learn more from Berea using local resources before leaving the system. They also purchase new transponders to prevent the Empire from impounding their ship.

While in town, they learn of a new piece of technology the Empire has developed. An Accalamator capital ship has been retrofitted to become a new prototype that stop ships in hyperspace and prevent them from re-entering hyperspace. The Empire plans to use their prototype to stop pirates from attacking their ore convoys from Berea to Derilyn.

Realizing this new interdicting ship, named Barricade, was an impediment to any planned jailbreak for Mawr’s son. They determined to sabotage the ship in dry dock while it was at the city of Palpatine on Derilyn.

To get into the city of Palpatine, they disguised themselves as bounty hunters claiming a bounty on Mawr. After getting past the check points at the city entrance, they switched disguises to maintenance workers. By posing as maintenance workers, Kel-Ra was able to bluff their way into the ship’s dock. They hid their weapons amongst their tools and brought enough lead to confuse any scanners in an attempt to board the ship.

The Barricade is equipped with two gravity well generators. The PCs downloaded the ship’s map to determine where best to do their damage. At the base of each gravity well generator, they placed a small receiver and kill switch. Their goal was to send out a signal that would disable the gravity well if they ever met the ship.

Their sabotage complete, the PCs looked to exit without arousing suspicion. Unfortunately on their way out, several crew were looking for trouble and picked a fight with the supposed maintenance workers while they were leaving. To the crew’s surprise, these maintenance workers drew hidden weapons and began shooting at the crew.

A brief firefight broke out and Keela was hit immediately by the crew’s blaster cannons. She fell unconscious on the walkway from the ship to the dock. The others managed to find cover and return fire. A running battle around crates of cargo ensued between Pinstripe, Mawr, and Kel-Ra. Meanwhile maintenance droids began to pack up the body of Keela like a piece of cargo. One droid, apparently smarter than the rest of the labor droids, noticed that Keela was bleeding and applied a medpac before going back for more crates. Keela, although conscious, remained hidden from the combatants.

The other PCs weaved in and out of crates to avoid the concentrated fire of their enemies. One by one, each member of the crew was picked off. Finally, the last crew member was dispatched and the PCs ran to their speeder truck while the alarms blared. In the confusion, Kel-Ra bluffed the rushing stormtroopers into believing they were fleeing from the fight that was still ongoing. They managed to leave the city of Palpatine before the city exits were shut down.

They got back to their ship in time to see a blockade tightening around Derilyn. The space around the planet was growing ever more crowded with ships. Running the blockade is going to prove difficult.


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