Star Wars Fringe Heroes

The PCs return to their home base and find it out of sorts. They discover hidden sabotage by the Old Republic that remained latent until their reactivation of the droid factories. After repairs and updates, they are able to generate new droid star fighters using raw materials provided by Radell Mining Corporation (RMC).

They are then contacted by an Boss Kaggle who requests their help. He has recently learned that his rival, Lud Chud is pirating a transport ship named Beggar’s Paradise. It will be transporting medical supplies bought on Merisee and sending them to Torina. Lud Chud is buying off the captain and crew to change the ship’s name and destination during flight and bringing the medical supplies to one of his secret smuggler’s strip (Boss Kaggle doesn’t know where). The owner of the cargo paid for Boss Kaggle’s protection and is unaware of the crew’s intentions. Boss Kaggle has in turn hired a pirate named Grakkata to really pirate the ship and deliver it to its intended destination. Unfortunately, Lud Chud has also learned of the new pirate plan and has warned the ship to expect boarders. He asks the PCs to help his pirate and protect his reputation.

The PCs agree (for a price) and travel to Merisee looking for Grakkata. Their investigations lead them to a female Wookie dock hand. When they try to question her should rebuffs them and attempts to lose them in the crowded space port. The PCs follow her to a small shed where she enters. Just then they are notified by CP-33 that the Beggar’s Paradise is leaving. To make matters worse, the shed collapses revealing a small, strange looking space craft being piloted by the female Wookie. The PCs race back to their ship to try to intercept the Beggar’s Paradise. While tracking the ship, they notice the Wookie’s space craft catches up. Only then do they notice the Wookie is in fact piloting a life boat and that one of the Beggar’s Paradise life boat racks is missing. The Wookie pilots the lifeboat perfectly into a spin maneuver and docking procedure in reverse. As the PCs attach their own ship for their boarding attempt, they can see blaster fire through the ship’s ports.

Once they board the Beggar’s Paradise, they join the fight with the Wookie and suppress the crew. They then realize that the Wookie is Grakkata and convince her they are on the same side. They then deliver the medical supplies to Torina and claim their price for helping Boss Kaggle, their new ship Beggar’s Paradise along with it’s new captain Grakkata.


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