Star Wars Fringe Heroes

The Space Factory

The PCs attempt to locate the final droid factory they believe is located near the system of Tifnyl. The system is mostly famous for being chosen to host an Imperial listening post. The PCs evade the construction and enter the large gas cloud known as the Drift.

Extensive searching by the PCs initially proved futile. As luck would have it, their largely useless sensors eventually picked up a small probe droid following them. When the droid broke off pursuit, they followed the droid to a section of space without dust. They moved to investigate it. Once free of the dust, their sensors immediately picked up a large ship on the other side of an asteroid in the middle of the open space. They could also detect several smaller ships launching to intercept them.

The enemy pilots were inexperienced and quickly dispatched. A few raced back to their mother ship. When the PC’s ship crested the asteroid and saw the large ship, the were surprised to see a small space station. The station looked seriously damaged and only a small section had any energy readings. The enemy fighters docked at the station where energy was still flowing. The PCs followed and docked in the same hangar.

The PCs open their cargo doors to find the entire station in zero gravity. They crouched behind crates in their ship as pirate spacers opened fire. Vek-Tor advanced in zero gravity dodging blaster fire. He used the force to propel the spacers out of cover and the other PCs blasted them in the air. The spacers then asked for a parley and the PCS quickly demanded their surrender. Because of their losses, they agreed.

The PCs took stock of the situation and learned the leader of the station’s pirates was a man named Alstair. The station also provided a home to a small gathering of families. Women and children were living in the cramped quarters of this section of the station. Despite its size, only a portion of it was livable. The pirates also had a good size booty of stolen goods. There were several crates of luxury goods and foods stolen from various ships.

Nimble practiced diplomacy amongst the prisoners and the families of prisoners. The other set about making repairs to the station. Mawr, and Keela donned space suits and began restoring power to the station, repairing the station’s engines, and bringing the station’s backup hyperdrive back online. The fixed engines were incredibly weak and allowed only the barest of propulsion. Just as the station was repaired enough to transport to the PC’s secret repair facility, a probe alerted them to the presence of the Empire.

Several Lamda shuttles were searching the Drift near the station. Their search patterns were easy to predict however. Mawr stayed on the station to pilot it in a way to avoid the shuttles’ search. The other PCs took off in their ship to provide cover in case they were found. They managed to get almost to the edge of the Drift when they were discovered. Only a handful of shuttles were able to intercept them before they exited. The PCs fought a running battle against the shuttles while Mawr pushed the station out of the Drift and made the jump to hyperspace. The station travelled slowly with the backup hyperdrive, but eventually made it to safety.


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