Twi'lek girl who fixes things and doesn't dance


Scoundrel 8/Improviser 2
|_\2.Basic Stats|
|Base Attack|7|
|Force Points|11|

Fort 24
Ref 26
Will 26
Damage Threshold 24
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Crit Type
Heavy Blaster Pistol +10 Ranged 3d8 (stun optional within 6 squares) 20 E
Stun Baton +7 Melee 1d6/(2d6 stun option) 20 B
Skills Bonus
Acrobatics (Dex) +7
Athletics (Str) +5
Deception (Cha) +6
Endurance (Con) +6
Gather Information (Cha) +6
Initiative (Dex) +12
Know(Technology) (Int) +18
Mechanics (Int) +18
Perception (Wis) +11
Persuasion (Cha) +6
Pilot (Dex) +12
Stealth (Dex) +12
Survival (Wis) +6
Use Computer (Int) +20
Ability Score Modifier
STRength 10 0
DEXterity 16 3
CONstitution 12 1
INTelligence 17 3
WISdom 12 1
CHArisma 12 1
Equipment Weight
Heavy Blaster Pistol 1.2
Utility Belt 4
Datapad 0.5
Security Kit 1
Mesh Tape (x2) 1
Hip Holster 0.5
10 blank datacards 0.1
All-temperature cloak 1.5
Stun Baton 1

Total Wt. 10.6


Age 22
Gender Female
Height 1.7m Weight 50 kg.

When all the other young Twi’lek girls were learning how to dance, Keela was disassembling appliances to figure out how they worked and played with datapads incessantly. Fortunately, her father (who is a salvage/spare parts dealer) and her older brothers encouraged her fascination with mechanical devices. As she got older, her skill and ability with computers and machines exceeded that of her father and brothers; she had more mechanical and technical skill, talent, and knowledge than the love child of Scotty from “Star Trek” and Kaylee from “Firefly”. At times they resented this, but her technical wizardry played no small part in keeping them in business.

Like most Twi’lek women, she was quite easy on the eyes when she grew up. To save her from the slaver’s collar, her father got her a job as the ship’s mechanic aboard a tramp freighter that frequented the Corellian Run. The captain of the freighter was glad to have an ace mechanic who was good with computers on board. Keela proved her value many times over by keeping the battered old transport in better condition than it had been in in decades.

The captain, though a good trader and pilot, was not so good at paying bills. Specifically, he had not been making payments to the loan shark that financed the ship and was seriously in arrears. The loan shark’s men caught up with them on Kidron. They took the captain away (he was sent to “sleep with the mynocks”), and gave Keela and her companions 1 hour to pack their belongings and get out.

Personality: Keela is endlessly fascinated with machines, computers, and technology of all kinds. She resents the stereotype of women of her species as dances, courtesans, and arm candy for the rich and well-connected, and reacts negatively to anyone who treats her in a stereotypical manner. She’s been known to throw tools at men who ask her to dance for them.


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