Star Wars Fringe Heroes

Return Engagement

When the PCs awoke the next morning, CP-33 informed the group that Vek-Tor and Nimble had left in the middle of the night. They left word that they would return in the morning. As the morning dragged on, the others decided they couldn’t wait any longer and pressed on to the temple without them.

Their advance back towards the temple was interrupted by the sudden movement of a device launching from the earth up 2 meters before exploding. Searching the area revealed a minefield between them and the temple. Instead of trying to navigate the minefield, the PCs decided to modify their hover truck with spare hull plating they had left over from an earlier salvage. They then drove the slow moving armored vehicle over the mines suffering little damage except to the recently added burned out hull plating.

Having entered the temple safely, the PCs moved to the central lift up to the top of the ziggurat. Unfortunately for them, the lift began to go down not up. Then it sped up until they were free falling below the surface of Derilyn. Keela manned the control panel in an attempt to disconnect the lift from the temple’s network. Mawr and Pinstripe attempted to manually activate the brakes on the bottom of the lift. As the lift’s path moved from vertical to horizontal, the PCs could spot a dead end up ahead. Kel-Ra readied his jet pack in case of collision. Fortunately the PCs efforts at stopping came to a screeching halt after Keela directed the lift onto a different rail than the dead end.

Having full control of the lift, Keela directed it to the top most floor. It stopped at an office level on the second to top floor. This level looked to have been abandoned for longer than the lower levels. Little signs of battle could be seen. Searching the offices turned up a key (located in a safe) that would allow the PCs to advance to the top level. The top level of the ziggurat was a dark throne room with barely working computers lining the wall to the left of the PCs. The throne was occupied by a dark cloaked human with a lightsaber at his belt. Pinstripe recognized him as his jedi brother who was thought lost during the Clone Wars.

The angry jedi admonished the PCs, especially Pinstripe, for interfering with his plans. Before any of the PCs could respond, the jedi pushed a button on his throne which brought several droids to life amongst the rubble. Some of these droids looked to be modified and emitted damaging exhaust in the area around them. Others attacked the PCs directly. The jedi focused his angry attacks on Pinstripe. Pinstripe skirmished as much as he could (uncomfortable at moving and shooting) while one by one the droids were eliminated.

Pinstripe finally landed a direct shot on the dark jedi forcing him to retreat back to the throne. The jedi brought up a force field around the throne and then activated the escape protocol. The throne began to descend on a hidden lift rail. The PCs hoped to follow by descending on their own lift. As their lift descended to the underground mines below the temple, they could see the jedi’s lift running parallel to their own.

Keela sped up their lift in order to bring them closer. The others attempted to bring down the shields by shooting them down. Meanwhile the dark jedi appeared to be in a trance waiting for the shields to drop. Eventually the two lifts came to within twenty meters and the shields gave out. The jedi immediately responded by using the force to propel Mawr onto his lift and attacking the wookie with his red lightsaber. Mawr dropped his rifle and drew two vibroblades to battle him in hand to hand combat.

The jedi fought valiantly against the four PCs, deflecting vibro blades and blaster bolts at the same time. Eventually the jedi wore down and Mawr’s vibro blade pierced his defenses and threw the jedi off the lift at break neck speeds. The PCs looked up to see both lifts headed to the edge of a cliff. They quickly worked together to bring the lifts to a stop. Pinstripe quickly doubled back to be sure his brother was dead. He personally put a blaster shot into the jedi’s face to be sure. Afterwards, Pinstripe collected the jedi’s red lightsaber and the PCs returned to the surface.

Return to the Derilyn Temple

The Imperials seemed confused about the purpose of last night’s disturbance. Nevertheless, the loss of a platoon of stormtroopers and a the destruction of one AT-ST required a response to the downtrodden citizens of the city of Derylissa. The city curfew was extended to just after work hours and all transport out of the city was shut down.

The PCs worked with the rebel Jan to camouflage their truck. They decided on disguising it as a moving truck that is owned by a known collaborator. The PCs drove their truck to a large sewer entrance and talked their way behind the fence under the noses of stormtroopers nearby. This was done in large part thanks to a small hover vehicle accident caused by Vek-Tor. The sewers ended in a river that runs through the city. They shut off the lights of their truck and gunned it over the river and then exited the Derilyssa through a hole in security.

Kel-Ra meanwhile was guarding their ship. Through encrypted comlinks, they formed a plan to have Kel-Ra pick up the others outside of Derilyssa. Kel-Ra fumbled through bureaucratic hurdles to get their ship off the ground in order to rendezvous with the other PCs without attracting attention from the Imperial Navy. Eventually the Imperials figured out their plan and sent Tie Fighters to intercept the pickup.

Nimble piloted the truck into the hovering ship and immediately moved to the cockpit to take off as soon as possible. Unfortunately two Tie Fighters entered into a dogfight with the PCs preventing a clean getaway. Nimble steered the ship towards the mountains and tried to lose the Ties in a series of narrow canyons. Turning the YT-1300 on its end, she narrowly made it through one last tight squeeze. The Imperial fighters weren’t so lucky and ended their lives on the canyon walls.

During the canyon run, Vek-Tor felt a disturbance in the Force. After the run he convinced the others to investigate. They landed on a mountain side with an over cropping that they used to hide the ship from overhead spies. They hiked towards the disturbance to find a large ziggurat just over a hill crest. They spotted a campsite at the base of the temple and began to cautiously approach it.

Suddenly, some of the equipment surrounding the campsite come to life and begin shooting blasters at the PCs. The equipment turned out to be disguised turrets. The PCs advanced and disposed of the turrets. Vek-Tor used the force to sense creatures inside the ziggurat descending the higher levels towards them. The PCs setup for an ambush despite Vek-Tor informing the group that one of the individuals is a force user.

Nimble approached the doorway to try to parlay but the other individuals ran out of the ziggurat with blaster firing. Some of the enemies were Noghri. The Noghri and a Zabrak used hand to hand combat to attack Nimble while a armored combatant fired towards the others. Mawr and Pinstripe tried to concentrate their fire on the only one with a blaster while Keela and Kel-Ra tried to down Nimble’s attackers. Vek-Tor tried to move to help Nimble but was ambushed by a dark jedi hiding on the second floor of the outside of the ziggurat.

The dark jedi held Vek-Tor in check using Force Grip while two Noghri attacked him. Two more Noghri charged Mawr and Pinstripe. The Zabrak martial artist tripped Nimble and began to use his height advantage to pound away on her. While hand to hand combat dominated the battle field, Pinstripe and Mawr managed to get just enough space to blast the Noghri in their face and then turned their fire towards the armored enemy. Kel-Ra and Keela finished off the last two Noghri and forced the Zabrak to attempt to retreat inside the ziggurat. Concentrated fire by the group brought down the remaining enemies quickly after that.

A quick search of their enemies camp shows the expedition by their foes was at the behest of the Emperor. The journal of the dark sith indicates she considers herself a personal agent for the Emperor and calls herself an Emperor’s Hand. Her mission was to search the Sith temple and find out anything about the ancient Sith Lord Dark Rageus. The Emperor suspects Dooku was holding back on knowledge Dooku gleaned from his discovery of the temple before the Clone Wars.

Entering the ziggurat next, the PCs see scorch marks from the last battle held here more than two years ago. The Separatist forces in this sector made a last stand in the ziggurat. Pieces of droid soldiers litter the first floor. Cautiously the PCs move to the lift and advance up a level. The see a droid assembly line factory. Piles of raw materials stand at one end of the floor. The piles are next to a different set of elevators. Catwalks overhang two conveyor belts of partially built droids.

Then without warning, the assembly starts up again. Six droids come to life and begin to attack the PCs. Blaster turrets from the ceiling drop to fire on them at the same time. These droids prove resistant to the force. Not resistant enough however as Vek-Tor hurls one into another.

As blaster fire from every where rains down on the PCs, Keela moves to the computer bank next to the wall. She manages to successfully shut down the assembly line and cuts out the remote user who activated it. The ceiling turrets concentrate their fire on her for her success. She tries to shut down the turrets but learns she can only do that at a terminal in the catwalk. Undaunted, she sprints up the stairs dodging blasters from the ceiling.

The new droids lay down missile fire on the PCs before charging. Three attack Vek-Tor in such a staggering way that makes it difficult for Vek-Tor to maintain his concentration. The PCs retreat towards the catwalk stairs at the same time trying to spread out. As Vek-Tor hold three at bay, two are taken down by the concentrated fire of Kel-Ra, Nimble, Mawr, and Pinstripe. Vek-Tor takes a beating and uses the Force to restore his health.

Finally Keela hacks the computer system and manages to shut down the ceiling turrets and a few droids. The PCs finish off the rest. Exhausted, they retreat for the evening wondering who was using the computer system against them.

Derilyn Gun Runners

The PCs enter enter the Derilyn system and are met with a heavily blockaded planet. Tie interceptors escort their ship to the planet of Derilyn after a quick search (and bribe) by an Imperial customs agent before landing in the spaceport at the city of Tekar. The planet side is under martial law and small flying camera droids move to capture every action on video. The PCs load up their truck and head to the city of Derilysa to sell their illegal weapons.

During the negotiations for guns (which were smuggled into the town in vats of cooking oil) the PCs notice their buyers have guns trained on them. They had to leave their guns behind to avoid notice by Imperials at checkpoints. After a bit of haggling with the insurgent leader Jan, the deal went down smoothly and profitably for the PCs and their sponsor Boss Kaggle.

Their underground contact, Jan, gets a call and learns that an overeager cell has planted a bomb in a the building owned by the Imperial Mining, Ltd. (IML). The cell’s hope is to assassinate many of the leaders responsible for sending Derilynites to the mines of Berea. Jan is worried that the bomb will hurt civilians and turn the public against the upstart rebels on the planet. He asks the PCs to sneak into the building over night and deactivate the bomb despite the curfew.

The PCs agree and start out above ground trying to dodge camera droids before traveling the rest of the way in the underground water system. While underground they are attacked by older Separatist droids, still patrolling for their now dead masters. They quickly blast them to bits and continue on to the water filtration building.

They emerge from underground across the street from the large and expansive IML skyscraper. They scurry across the street and see through the glass doors of their target building, one guard sleeping at his desk. Keela attempts to pick the lock and fails, setting off alarm bells. Mawr busts through the glass door and Pinstripe rushes to stun the suddenly awake guard.

The group quickly moves to the safe room behind the guard’s desk to locate and deactivate the bomb. Keela opens the door to the large safe to find rows of safety deposit boxes and a ticking foot locker. As Keela disabled the bomb in the foot locker, the rest of the crew forced open the safety deposit boxes only to find them empty, the keys to each one were located in a nearby waste basket.

The group quickly tried to leave the way they came. Unfortunately their alarm had drawn a patrol of Stormtroopers to investigate. The PCs drew blasters they borrowed from their smuggled goods and opened fire on the Imperials. The brief firefight was almost over when an ATST arrived to reinforce the Stormtroopers.

After cutting down the Stormtroopers, the PCs head back through the water treatment plant. The city is on high alert and when they emerge above ground, they are chased by camera droids seeking to identify them. During the running battle, the shoot down each one while attempting to hide their identity. After the droids are destroyed, the rebels allow them to enter their hideout again. They still don’t know if they got away or if their new fake identities are now just as wanted as their real identities.

Old Friends

The PCs return to Lanthrym now in possession of their very own ship. The last time the PCs were here, an Imperial blockade attempted to apprehend them after discovering Vek-Tor’s existence. Now that the heat has died down, the return to the planet and meet up with past patron, Boss Kaggle. The crime lord has moved locations since the PCs were last on planet and begin searching for the open secret that is the boss’s headquarters.

During the search, bounty hunters attack … again. The same individuals who attacked them on Kidron are back to punish the PCs for wrecking their ship and killing their pilot. The attack happens in the lobby of a diner/brothel. The bounty hunters enter from the second floor and begin to fire down from the balcony onto the PCs on the first floor.

Mawr dives behind the bar spilling alcoholic beverages everywhere. The bartender next to him scowls until a blaster bolt hits the bar nearby lighting some of the spilled liquid. Frantically the bartender tries to put out the fire while Mawr returns fire.

A Gamorrean boxer descends the stairs and engages Kel-Ra and Vek-Tor. The two dodge the fists of the boxer which are encased in stun gauntlets. Vek-Tor, wary of being discovered as a jedi again, declines to light his lightsaber and attempts to secretly use the Force to defeat the bounty hunters. After a close blast misses a bounty hunter upstairs, Vek-Tor flings the man into the Gamorrean using the Force.

The other PCs fire from behind cover at the mass of bodies on the stairs. Fire from the bounty hunters continue to rain down around Vek-Tor who ignites his jet pack to ascend to the second floor. A blast of Force by Vek-Tor knocks the nearest attackers prone. Mawr leads the charge up the stairs followed closely by the other PCs except Keela who sneaks out the front door to prevent their escape.

Kel-Ra throws a grenade that catches the prone bounty hunters in the blast, ending the threat of all but one enemy. Seeing the fight lost, the last bounty hunter attempts to flee. He enters a room, interrupting a brothel customer and attempts to exit the window. Keela fires back at him as he exits the window causing him to pause in confusion. This pause is what Mawr was waiting for and lines up a perfect shot from his rifle. With low growl, the Wookie laces a perfect shot in the center of the bounty hunter’s torso.

News of the fire fight quickly spreads amongst the local populace. Shortly after the fight is over, the PCs are contacted by Bass Kaggle’s minions who escort them to the boss’s hideout. Kaggle and the PCs exchange pleasantries and then begin conducting business. Kaggle sells the PCs new identity cards and a new transponder.

The PCs ask how to infiltrate the Derilyn system which is currently under martial law. Sensing an opportunity, Kaggle tells them of an offer he’s had to smuggle blasters onto the planet of Derilyn. Kaggle tells them he would be willing to help them set up a legitimate space transport mission from Coyn to Derilyn if they would be willing to bring along illegal weapons to his buyer. They agree and set out the next day for Coyn.

Getting into Coyn requires a background check and vaccination inoculations. They put their forged ids to good use and begin to buy weapons and goods to take on their ship. They take a break in a diner. They notice a group of off worlders drinking with a local Coynite who’s had way too much to drink. He stumbles in the direction of the restroom and falls near the PCs. Nimble attempts to give him first aid, but the Coynite reacts in horror at her touch. He demands to duel her and draws his sword in anger.

Everyone in the diner gasps. The bartender approaches the PCs and tells them it is against their code of honor to touch a Coynite. It is also part of the code to always use your sword once drawn. He says the two must duel to first blood or the Coynite will be forever ostracized by Coynite society. Nimble reluctantly agrees and borrows the bartender’s sword for the duel.

Nimble holds the sword in front of her and its obvious to everyone that she doesn’t know how to use it. The other PCs are nervous that the drunk won’t stop once he starts to fight. The bartender gives the word and the duel begins. Nimble intentionally catches the Coynite’s sword and twists it to slice her hand and steps back to show her wound. The Coynite looks to continue but Nimble soothes his ego and he stops.

Quickly after the fight, Vek-Tor senses another force user attempting to hide from him. He realizes its Morthane who fails to hide from him. He alerts the other PCs and hails a cab to track down the sith. During the cab ride, the dark jedi is spotted on a speeder, but speeds away. Mawr throws the cab pilot to the side and Nimble speeds the cab up to pace Morthane. Morthane dodges in and out of the flying grid of traffic over Coyn. The PCs lean out the window to shoot at Morthane occasionally hitting a civilian speeder.

The chase alerts two Stormtroopers on speeders. They tell the PCs to stop or else. The PCs begin to fire on the two. The Stormtroopers damage the cab and cause the cab to slow down. Keela tears up the floor boards to get at the engines to repair them from the inside. While there she manages to speed up the cab temporarily to gain on Morthane. Mawr and Kel-Ra manage to shoot the two speeders following them while Vek-Tor jumps and surges towards Morthane and his speeder. The Force was strong with Vek-Tor and he somehow manages to land on the back of Morthane’s speeder.

Morthane panics and tries to Force lightning Vek-Tor. The Force lightning barely misses him. Vek-Tor uses the Force to push Morthane off his speeder and the dark jedi falls into the jungle below. Despite their search, they could not find Morthane’s body, nor could Vek-Tor sense his presence with the Force. They are left wondering if Morthane is alive or dead. If dead, did his spirit inhabit Madame Lipsuk?

Haunted Space Station

Having found hidden hyper space coordinates in a recovered nav computer, the PCs decide to investigate the area. That part of space turned out to be on the way from Kidron to Elrood near the large dust cloud called the Drift. Upon arriving, the PCs became aware of a distress signal coming from somewhere in the Drift.

The PCs navigate through the dust and asteroids of the Drift to find a large asteroid with a space station on it. Their sensors indicate no sentient life in the station. The only life present, the computer identifies as several morvaks. Morvaks are non-sentient creatures that live in a vacuum and eat rock.

By buzzing the control tower, Vek-Tor is able to flip a lever that lowers the landing pad into a hangar. The landing pad is replaced by a force field keeping in breathable air. Nimble attempted to land the ship through the force field onto the landing field and mostly succeeded. She scraped the ship through but managed to recover and prevent any permanent damage.

The hangar proved to be very profitable. The outside had a tractor beam to bring ships and cargo on to the space station. It’s controls were in the control tower. On the inside were tractor beam cranes that could be used to do repairs and modifications to a ship. In one nearby storeroom, a small container of bacta was found.

Keela attempted to open blast doors to the rest of the station. When she did, a force field appeared that kept out a dark cloud from the other side of the blast doors. Suddenly the field collapsed spill noxious gas into the hangar bay. The PCs scramble for their breath masks (some of which left them on the ship). The gas created a dim light and made the whole space station drenched in artificial darkness.

Undeterred, the PCs set off to find and repair the life support system of the station. During their search, they found dorm rooms that had the bunks discarded and the mattresses moved to piles in the middle of the room. Out of the darkness strange beings attacked the PCs with long wicked daggers. The beasts had the torso of humanoids from the planet Merisee and the body of the spider like morvaks. The animal like attacks of the creatures used acid and poison which weakened the PCs. Nevertheless the beasts, were dispatched.

Moving to the brig, the PCs found an area where the structural integrity was destroyed. A force field separated the two areas. The PCs could see the life support system on the other side of the force field. Continuing their search through the station, brought them to old offices of medical researchers. The researchers were attempting to lower the addictive quality of spice and death sticks. Their facilities on Merisee were attacked by assassins presumed to be paid by organized criminals. This space station was created to hide their research. The research so far was successful but for slight genetic mutations.

They next moved to the nearby lab where they surprised several morvaks. These creatures seemed to have been genetically altered since they had humanoid looking arms and hands. These morvaks also appeared to be more intelligent due to the apparent science experiments they were performing when the PCs entered.

The PCs asked CP-33 to begin to communicate with them. They proved skittish but no combat broke out. While CP-33 was conferring, the PCs found and removed two space suits to use in a vacuum. Keela and Mawr donned the suits and moved outside the space station to repair the life support system. While outside, the two spotted what looked to be a crashed shuttle on a nearby asteroid that was still spinning from the crash. Later investigations showed a half-morvak half-humanoid beast in the pilot seat.

The PCs fixed the life support system, and found a trapped skeleton nearby. It looked like someone in the brig attempted to escape but fouled up the life support system in the process. With the life support system fixed and the station repaired, the PCs set about to finish installations of their ships’ components.

The PCs also begin to plan their next move. Kel-Ra and Pinstripe wanted to fight back against the newly founded Empire. Mawr wished to search for his enslaved son who is rumored to be on Berea. Vek-Tor wanted to search the old Sith temple on Derilyn more. The martial law of Derilyn would dissuade most, but not the PCs. They resolved to try to find a way on Derilyn and then onto Barea to throw a wrench in the Empire here in the Elrood Sector.

Requiem for Refuge

As the PCs leave the scene of their shootout in the streets of Refuge, complete with dead stormtroopers and a group of bounty hunters cowering in Leshat’s Sabacc Parlor, Leshat asks the PCs for a cease fire. The leader of the bounty hunters is an old friend of Leshat and has called in a favor from him to protect the bounty hunters from the PCs. Leshat then helps to negotiate a cease fire between the two groups.

The PCs learn that the bounty hunters are working for the Radell Mining Corporation (RMC) and are investigating the downing of one of their scout ships in the Kidron jungles. They suspect the PCs have knowledge of the events, but no longer care to investigate them any further.

Sensing an opportunity, they PCs offer to let the bounty hunters go without a fight as long as they wait in Leshat’s for four days. The bounty hunters are operating on an expense account from the RMC and agree. While the bounty hunters wait, the PCs decide to abscond with their ship.

After asking around town for information on the group, the PCs learn of the whereabouts of the bounty hunter’s ship. They set out to commandeer it, but the pilot who was left guarding the ship sees them and attempts to take off before they get there. Mawrrookwa, Pinstripe, and Kel-Ra manage to jump onto the ramp before it closed. The three manage to stun the pilot but cannot prevent the ship from turning over and softly crashing into the jungle. Fortunately, the three PCs survive, but the bounty hunter is killed in the crash. The PCs strip the ship of components their ship is missing including the ship’s transponder.

Before they can complete their repairs, they receive a message from Riptahk. He tells them the Orifite Shaman has been taken hostage by stormtroopers who have landed on planet. They are looking for the datapad containing the NOC list that the PCs found in their junkyard. Riptahk admits to trying to sell it to someone named Loshak on the black market. He had to back out when it mysteriously vanished from the PCs possession. Loshak threatened to send stormtroopers to retrieve it but Riptahk blew off the threat.

Now Riptahk believes in the threat and begs the PCs to rescue his uncle. They agree to attempt the rescue. The PCs search for the datapad and determine that Madame Lipsuk had stolen it. She informs them, the list was originally stolen by the Original Four and hidden in Norebo’s junkyard (now owned by the PCs).

Instead, the PCs then take the datapad to the meeting place to trade for the Orifite Shaman. The stormtroopers tried to ambush the PCs, the PCs turn the tables take down jump clone troopers, a sniper and a walker (the last one thanks to Mawr’s explosives). The PCs then track the communication signals of the Imperials to the stormtrooper shuttle but can’t stop it before it takes off.

With the Shaman free, the PCs decide to destroy Morthane once and for all before leaving Kidron. When they arrive at his secret lab, they find a taunting message from Morthane waiting for them. In the message, Madame Lipsuk appears behind him, bound and gagged while Morthane tells the PCs he’s decided to leave the planet. He’s also left a surprise in the form of a Chrysalis Nighthunter to kill them and ends the recording. The PCs make short work of the large beast.

With all their loose ends tied up, the PCs decide it’s time to leave. They say their good byes to the friends they made on the planet and lift off in their new ship. Some parts salvaged from the bounty hunter ship have not been installed, but they decide that they can’t wait any longer.

After lift off, they discover an Acclamator-class assault ship in orbit and currently docked with a Corellian Corvette. They quickly activate their stolen transponder and pose as the bounty hunter’s working for the RMC. Having successfully bluffed the Imperials, the PCs set a course for a hidden drop point just off the route to Elrood. They intend to rest up there and finish installing their outlaw tech before moving on to find more work.

Kidron Mystery Revealed

After destroying the mysterious dark Jedi in the Kidron jungle, the heroes return to the city of Refuge and begin working on making their new ship space worthy. They would work by day and enjoy the city at night. Vek-Tor would spend his evenings attempting to win the heart of Xadat. Xadat felt grateful for the PCs help in protecting a local Jawa baker and friend named Tak. Tak also showed his appreciation and offered Vek-Tor free food.

Vek-Tor and Xadat were sharing a meal at Tak’s one evening when another dark jedi attacked. This one looked similar to the dark jedi the PCs killed recently. The same hoses protruding from his body and spiked protusions grown out of his skeletal structure. When he spoke, he claimed to be the same dark jedi back to life looking for revenge on Vek-Tor for killing him.

Xadat ran while Vek-Tor’s light saber clashed with the the Sith’s blade. Xadat raced to contact the other PCs while Vek-Tor valiantly held off the powerful dark jedi. Vek-Tor’s blood boiled with a powerful sith poison. His anger toward the dark jedi rising while his body was tiring from the vicious attack on both his mind and body. Vek-Tor stumbled out of the restaurant in a fighting withdrawal. Fortunately, his friends and allies were racing down the street to aid his attack. The combined firepower of the group destroyed the sith. Once again his spirit released from the body and returned to the jungle.

Seeking answers, the heroes sought out an elder of the city. Someone who knew the secrets of the founding of Refuge. They found an old wookie elder, Kentacca. At first, Kentacca was reluctant to see the heroes. Mawr succeeded in convincing him to give them the information they needed. Also present at his home was a young adult Wookie, Tirtovka. Tirtovka was injured escaping an imperial mining planet. Mawr questioned him about his missing sister.

Kentacca explained that Madame Lipsuk was one of the oldest known people on the planet and in fact one of the original four that discovered the planet of Kidron and made the first contact with the Orifites. These events were over a century before the current day, but she managed to live a long life thanks to the longer Devaronian life span and her own medical knowledge. The original four were a group of adventurers that had bounties on their head from the Galatic Republic. They used the planet of Kidron as a secret base of operation founding the first off worlder city of Refuge.

Eventually the group settled in Refuge but had a falling out. One of the four was a jedi practicing in alchemical technology he discovered in a holocron. Another was Norebo who once owned the junk yard that the PCs now call home. The third started a swoop bike gang as a motley assortment of a police force. Madame Lipsuk was the first and the only one Kentacca knew anything about. The others were either dead or missing.

The PCs confronted Madame Lipsuk with these accusations and she confessed. She had suspected that Morthane was somehow behind the disappearance of their friends but never knew for sure. She told the PCs of a hidden lab Morthane used. The last time she was there, she stole the rare herb Morthane used to extend his lifespan. The PCs examine the herb and determine it was used on the dead Rodian. Lipsuk is convinced Morthane doesn’t have any more of the herb and can’t possess any more creatures.

Before the PCs could leave Refuge and assault Morthane’s hidden lab, there were attacked by Bounty Hunter. They demanded the PCs handover the datapad in the name of Radell Mining Corporation. Unconvinced, the PCs drew their blasters and fired back. The Bounty Hunters set their blasters on stun and made use of stun grenades to hamper the PCs. Just when it looked like the PCs were gaining an advantage, Stormtroopers outflanked the two groups and opened fire. Confused the Bounty Hunters retreated leaving the PCs to finish off the Stormtroopers.

The Bounty Hunters requested asylum from Leshat who agreed. When the dust settled, the PCs were left wondering what to do with the Bounty Hunters, were the Stormtroopers came from, and how long they had before Morthane attacked again.

A Ship of Our Own

After recovering data from a downed ship, the PCs are visited by an Orifite Shaman, a religious leader of the local indigenous population called Orifites. He demands the data pad the PCs used to copy the ship’s log files. After much haggling, the shaman agrees to show the PCs to an abandoned ship in the jungle in exchange for the data pad not knowing they had made a copy already. After the deal is struck, the shaman leaves his nephew, Riptahk and heir as a friendly hostage for collateral.

After Nimble slips some spice into his tea, the party goes over the data to find anything of value. They determine that the ship was looking at Kidron’s two moons for ore and found large deposits of Chanlon and Phrik. Before the ship could send this data back to its parent mining company, they were attacked and shot down by a Corellian Corvette. The PCs quickly surmise that the existence of such knowledge would bring many a mining company to this remote planet and possibly destroy or enslave the Orifite people. They also ask around and find out that the primitive Orifites have a small mercenary navy that includes at least one Corellian Corvette.

In the course of asking around, the party sees a power vacuum forming after their destruction of the Green Rancors. The free city of Refuge existed in a power sharing structure whereby four swoop gangs (Green Rancors, Red Jawas, White Shyracks, and Blue Yu’tals) each claimed a portion of the city and “taxed” those citizens for protection. Vek-Tor learns that the Red Jawas had already begun to muscle in on the territory of the Green Rancors after their demise at the hands of the PCs. The PCs decide to start their own gang and send a message to the other gangs to back off.

They decide a raid of the Red Jawas bike garage is the best way to do this. They also start spreading the word of their intentions using Leshat’s connections. The raid goes extremely well, and they even manage to convince captured gang members to join their gang. They also hire more help from Leshat and set up Riptahk as a captain in their organization.

The next day, Orifite scouts lead the PCs to swampy part of Kidron’s jungle. Their scouts tell them the area they are going to is haunted. Many of their brave warriors have attempted to kill the demon that lives there. All have either died or come back possessed. Those possessed attack their former friends and family until they are killed themselves.

After their scouts drop them off at the haunted swamp island, they continue through on skiffs. They come to a clearing where a vine covered YT-1250 sits in a clearing. The ship had long ago been cannibalized for parts but enough of the ship was intact to fly in the atmosphere despite the holes in the hull. They PCs, led by Keela begin the process of repairing the vessel enough to fly it back to their secret warehouse.

Vek-Tor senses the dark side of the force all around him. Mawr uses his sensors to see hunting beasts circling the clearing. They warn the others just before the dark side beasts attack. A swarm of flying creatures assault the PCs in the broken down ship and fierce hunting dogs assail the PCs on the ground. Eventually a nighthunter emerges and engages Vek-Tor directly. The Nighthunter absorbs the blaster attacks from Pinstripe and surges to engage Vek-Tor.

The fight is intense but lasts briefly. The beasts are killed or driven off yet the feeling of darkness remains. After the repairs are finished, Vek-Tor finds a nearby cave that he says is the source of darkness. Despite Kel-Ra’s advice, the party advances into the cave. Inside appears to be home of an individual humanoid. They find hoses with trace amounts of liquid that radiates the dark side of the force, empty kennels, and a blood soaked laboratory.

Finally, they enter a cavern where a man with hoses in his body is standing beside a nighthunter. He welcomes the PCs in as his next experiment before using force lightning on Mawr. The nighthunter charges Vek-Tor and Pinstrip. While Nimble tries to help Mawr recover, Vek-Tor blasts the two with Force Slam and the Sith disarms Mawr. Keela, Kel-Ra, and Pinstripe blast the Nighthound attempting to wear it down despite it’s resistance to energy. Vek-Tor surges toward the Sith and engages him a duel, Sith blade versus lightsaber.

Mawr pulls his bowcaster out and mortally wounds the Nighthound. Vek-Tors lightsaber scores a hit on the Sith. Then the Sith activates gas dispensers in the ceiling filling the room with a Sith poison nerve agent that attacks the PC’s soul while granting the Sith the time to heal himself without being seen in the obscuring cloud. Vek-Tor uses the force to sense the Sith before he can leave. When the gas clears, the Nighthound is dead and Vek-Tor is blocking the Sith from escaping. Mawr draws two vibrodaggers and rages toward the Sith, flanking him with Vek-Tor. The others in the group concentrate their attacks on the Sith weakening him enough so that Vek-Tor can finish him with his lightsaber. The poison seemed to work on Vek-Tor forcing him to call on the Dark Side of the force to kill the Sith. The now lifeless body decomposes into a gas that dissipates throughout the cave.

The PCs return to the repaired ship and begin the arduous task of flying it. It wobbles along the tree line as Nimble carefully guides it toward their warehouse. Engine failure, power failure, and a scrape along the tree tops endanger the flight but not fatally so. After 2 minutes of stress, the ship is safely in the warehouse and the heroes return to Refuge with a ship of their own. It still requires a large amount of work to make it space worthy, but they are determined to make it happen.

Laying Low in Refuge

Our heroes arrived on the planet of Kidron to lay low from the Empire and jedi hunters. They booked rooms at the Kidron Hotel in the High City of Refuge and then looked for work at Leshat’s Sabbaac House across the street. While gambling and ogling the prostitues being pimped by Madame Lipsuk, they learned of an opening for a bodyguard by someone named Dirty Hal. They also soon learned that he had a liquidity problem causing him to default on loans. Undaunted he offers to pay the PCs in trade from his chop shop/junkyard. The PCs decide they want to build their own ship and agree to the arrangement.

They soon find out that Dirty Hal has other problems. A local Swoop Gang called the Green Rancors is pressuring Dirty Hal into selling his shop. Hal’s not sure why, but this gang is pushing hard which is why he hired the PCs. While Hal was showing the group his shop, his computer informs him that a ship has crash landed on Kidron just outside of Refuge.

Hal and the PCs decide to check for survivors and exercise their right to salvage a downed ship. They all pile in Hal’s modified A-A5 speeder truck. The truck has been modified with a small crane on the back (which can lift 15 tons of large size or smaller). Hal also equips everyone with breath masks due to Kidron’s Type II atmosphere.

Upon arriving on the crash scene, the PCs notice several dead bodies of the local species, Orifite, who appeared to have been shot to death by the contingent of Green Rancors. The contingent has a defensive position set up with one of their member setting charges to the down space craft. A fire fight ensues and the gang members are defeated.

Afterwards, Hal begins to remove the hyperdrive of the ship while the PCs look for survivors. Unfortunately none are found and the salvage operation begins. More Orifites show up on the scene and accost Keela when she downloads the ship’s logs onto her datapad. The other PCs smack down the small creatures and then question their motives. They are told that the Orifites have orders from the sakh (tribe) leader to destroy the ship’s computer but are not given a reason why. The PCs ask the Orifites to set up a meeting with their leader and they agree.

Dirty Hal then shares a secret with his bodyguards. He has a secret warehouse in the jungle and he wishes to take the recovered hyperdrive there. The PCs agree to accompany him if he’ll take the captured swoop bikes with them. They load up the bikes in the back of the truck, while others pilot a few in a convoy.

On the way to the warehouse, two waves of swoop bikes attack. The PCs engage in a running battle and successfully down the first wave, but are forced to stop. When the second one attacks, the PCs pick them off while on the ground.

When they all get to the secret warehouse, Dirty Hal finally levels with the PCs. He tells them his plan is to leave the system and his plan to build a ship was waiting for the last component, a hyperdrive. Now that he has one he needs the PCs help to install it on his modified Z-95 headhunter. He offers to legally transfer his entire estate on Kidron to the PCs if they help him finish his ship. They agree and make use of the secret warehouse’s ship building facilities to quickly complete the installation.

During the installation, the PCs discover two things. First is that Hal has a small fortune in credit chips loaded on his ship. The other is a broken down astromech droid with a diary from a Rodian named Norebo. Hal had mentioned previously that Norebo was the one who previously owned the warehouse and the shop before he mysteriously disappeared. The diary mentions something hidden in his shop and gives the coordinate to its location. The PCs resolve to find it when they are done and the legal owners of the supposed treasure.

After Dirty Hal takes off, but before the PCs can leave, they notice a small army of swoop bike gansters outside. These gangsters have laid siege to the warehouse but have not attempted to enter so as not to activate the security turrets not knowing the turrets have been deactivated.

Without bothering to negotiate, the PCs attack first. They plug the wide doorway with the speeder truck while the jedi Vek-Tor advances. Noting that the turrets fail to shoot Vek-Tor, the swoop bike gangsters shoot first behind the speeders and then mount up to enter the warehouse. Their leader manages to squeeze in and begins to shoot the party from inside the warehouse. Other gang members throw grenades inside. Despite the harrowing fire fight against the swoop gang, eventually all the gang members die and the PCs are victorious.

They return to Dirty Hal’s old shop, now that they own it and search for the hidden treasure. Underneath the largest piles of junk, they find a secret vault with blaster turrets. They deactivate the turrets and disable the locking mechanism to find a foot locker containing one datapad. This datapad is a NOC list for Republic spies 20 years ago.

Ambush in whore alley

Boss Kaggle approaches the PCs to help give out dinner to the poor for a feast on Lanthrym the next day and the PCs agree. The night before, the PCs are taking in a night of revelry and are tempted by various ladies of the night in an alley. Their pimp is a Gamorrean with a droid assistant CP-33.

While negotiating a price, Stormtroopers attack from one end of the alley. The PCs fire back while the whores take cover and the pimps locked themselves in a nearby doorway. The PCs return fire and break down the door to the pimps. Meanwhile, another Stormtrooper squad block the other end of the alley.

The PCs, suspecting that they were sold out by the Gamorrean, blast him and question CP-33. They learn of an entrance to the sewer just past the first group of stormtroopers. The PCs grenade the Stormtroopers and charge into them, with the Jedi igniting his lightsaber.

They finish off the first squad and make their way into the sewers with CP-33 in tow. They conduct a running battle in the sewers and pick off the stormtroopers one by one before reinforcements on scout bikes come on the scene. The PCs move deeper into the sewers and lose the Imperial troops.

They emerge from the sewers out of a natural cave only to be attacked by a charging reek. The charging beast misses a dodging PC twice and gets blasted while trying to escape.

The next day, the PCs return to help pass out food for the local feast when they are attacked by snipers and a dark jedi with an assassin droid. The PCs survive the attack barely and decide to leave the planet.

Boss Kaggle hires the PCs to transport some goods off planet. Unfortunately, the Empire has blockaded the planet. The PCs fail to avoid inspection or to bribe the overly suspicious official. They are forced to jump to hyperspace after taking fire from a Lambda shuttle.


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