Derilyn is a planet under martial law by the Empire. It’s geography is composed of two continents of mostly plains and mountains. There is a planet wide curfew at night and large patrols of Stormtroopers fill the streets. In addition to several major bases on planet, an Imperial space station orbits the planet. No weapons are allowed on planet by civilians. Rationing and shortages are rampant for non-Imperial personnel.

The two major cities are Tekar and Derilysa. The third largest city Paran was destroyed by the Imperial Navy after massive riots broke out. The populace were revolting at the Empire’s sudden power grab and the New Order.

During the Clone Wars, Derilyn served as a major droid producing planet for the Separatists. It was the last planet to fall to Jedi Master Ledite. The last battle of the Clone Wars on Derilyn also happened to coincide with Order 66 in which the General’s own troops betrayed and killed him.

Imperial Mining Limited has their corporate offices in the city of Derilysa. Most of their mining operations are on the nearby planet of Berea and make liberal use of conscripts and prisoners as laborers.

One of Darth Rageus’ secret temples is hidden in the mountains of Derilyn, North of Derilysa. This temple holds the tomb of Darth Rageus. This temple was occupied for a time by Maxim Pinstripe after the end of the Clone Wars.


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