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The Star Wars Fringe Heroes campaign is a Star Wars campaign set just after Epsidoe 3 during the dark times. The heroes came from the fringes of the galaxy and start off on the planet of Derilyn in the Elrood Sector during the last days of the Clone Wars. Because of their previous (albeit brief) relationship with General for the Republic, Jedi Master Ledite, the heroes become outlaws of the New Order.

Forced into hiding, they form an alliance of convenience with one of the local crime lords Boss Kaggle on Lanthrym. While his motives seem to be pure, you don’t get to be crime lord on a planet full of Gamorreans by being soft. Unfortunately, Lanthrym proved to be too hot a planet and the PCs fled to the quiet planet of Kidron.

After meddling in the affairs of the local populace including the native Orifites, the PCs eventually fled Kidron as well but not before making friends, enemies and lovers of the various residents of the High City of Refuge though. This time, the PCs had their own ship to pilot.

The PCs began gun smuggling for Boss Kaggle. They bought guns on Coyn and smuggled them into the planet of Derilyn which is currently under martial law. The PCs learned of ancient Sith temples with droid factories. One by one, they collected these factories and discovered they were also portable fortresses. The facilities would now become the backbone of a new army the PCs plan to use to take the fight to the Empire.

Main Page

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